What is Disc Golf?

With the popularity of Disc Sports launched in the last century by Whamo's Frisbee®, a new game has evolved with parallels to 'ball'  Golf.. Disc Golf  is played very much like the traditional sport of Golf  but, instead of hitting a ball at a cup on the ground, the player throws a disc at an elevated target..

The target is generally a basket to catch the disc, but sometimes Disc Golf Courses use other target styles depending on availability, price, and preference. Players keep score on each 'hole' and the lowest score overall after the round wins. Some Disc Golf Courses are created with concrete Tee Pads, but can be as rugged as a natural ground marker. Disc Golf Courses that are more developed may include Tee Signs that provide Distance and Par information, as well as a visual image of the layout to assist players with navigation.